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Open Mic Guidelines
Posted by: admin ()
Date: February 08, 2017 02:43AM

There are plenty of websites that list the rules and etiquette of various open mic events. Some rules are harsh, overbearing or self serving but others are good guidelines. For example:

Have fun or leave.

Introduce others.

Make friends with everyone you can, especially the staff.

Stick around after you play, buy something and talk to people.

Be a heckler only when it's funny and appropriate. Paybacks are rough BTW.

Talk quiet when people play quiet.

Play contrasting songs.

Tune it or leave.

There are many more guidelines that go without saying so I left them out. The host has ultimate veto power in all cases and if you want to add important guidelines please comment.

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Re: Open Mic Guidelines
Posted by: admin ()
Date: February 08, 2017 02:57AM

More guidelines:

Don't stop in the middle if you mess up.

Don't just drink water but go easy on the booze before playing.

Clean yourself up and look your best but leave cologne and perfumes in the bottle.

Jumping onstage and hijacking someones performance is rude.

Don't drink in the parking lot.

Make thoughtful and specific comments.

It's not a competition. Please be respectful.

Take a joke.

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